Showcase visual work with Instagram and Pinterest


“You don’t need a portfolio anymore. You have an Instagram feed….”

“Hiring managers use it as a gauge of taste and personality as much as a way to find talent. If you look fun and cool, you’re probably fun and cool to work with.”

“I think Pinterest is the replacement for portfolios…. Instagram has become the replacement for taste level.”

“I look for someone who edits properly and is savvy enough to mix a little bit of their look with some their inspiration and some of their life….”

“Pinterest for a more curated look at a person’s abilities. Often…applicants will have a pinboard of “My Best Work,” which acts like a virtual portfolio. By the time potential candidates send along a portfolio or additional materials, his firm has typically already made up its mind about the applicant.”

“Instagram should not be an afterthought. We think it’s a deal breaker…. It shows organization, inspiration, and being of the moment.”